Become a Teacher

The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves

Joseph Campbell

Education is the thing that make us different. When one teach other, best phenomenon occurs. In simple words, a teacher teaches other to live their life.

Self Study Point trying to give free short courses to all. Our motive to provide a way to spread knowledge. If you know something and want to teach that to others, your most welcome to selfstudypoint.

Here we don’t business with education. Our main motive to exchange knowledge with worlds. We never mark a price for any course, all courses will be free.

Why to join Self Study Point as Teacher?

We need volunteers in our cause, ‘Free Education for All’. If you can teach a single topic, you are invited.

If you know about any programming language or have best practice to solve reasoning questions, even single type, just join us and share your method with others.

Here we are unlimited, one can add course on any topic. If you know how to draw a face, then you can join us.

If you know about essay writing or art of communication, you can join us.

May be here you can’t earn any money but, for sure, smile you get by teaching other will motivate you.

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